Privacy Policy of Usshh

The main objective of determining privacy policy is to make our users assure about the security of information provided by them. Therefore, before you proceed ahead, let us make two things clear to you:

1). You are authorized to raise your objection in case if you think:

Ussh is committed to protect the information provided by the members registered on its application and website. We assure our members that they will enjoy safe and secure user experience by registering with us. By developing this privacy policy, we also wish to let our members know the type of information collected by us and its appropriate use for searching a suitable job for them.

Information collected by Usshh:Normally we collect information about the personal details of our members, including his/her name, address of correspondence (both current and permanent address), contact details (including landline telephone number, mobile number and email address), names of references. Finally, last but not least we would also like to know about your job or sporting preferencedepending upon your expertise and also the preferred job or sportinglocation.

We willuse the information provided by you for legitimate reasons such as the following:

After reading the above privacy policy if you think that it will be possible for you to comply with them, then click I agree button referred below to register with us.